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Restoring your credit can be a complicated and time consuming process. There are many variables and issues that need to be addressed in order to restore your credit worthiness. If you are not comfortable performing the credit repair process on your own, save yourself time and stress by allowing an experienced professional to undertake this tedious task. Trained credit specialists know the proper procedures, legalities and terminology behind credit reporting that make them an ideal resource when repairing credit.

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5 Stars:

Credit Repair Consultants

As a member of the BBBOnline, CRC promises "no-compromise credit report repair" in the first 120 days or less, or you will be offered a partial refund. The enrollment application fee comes with the "Credit Repair Consultants' Guide to Your Credit Score" booklet, welcome and orientation communication, the order of your credit reports for you, and your first hour of consultation with a credit consultant. You can sign up online without being billed until your first services have been performed.

CRC provides a fairly comprehensive FAQ page online, and a long but extremely informative page specifically about credit scores, what they mean and how they affect your ability to borrow and buy. This would be CRC's strongest selling point, as very few of the other credit repair services reviewed provide as detailed information on credit scoring.

* No Set-UP Fee
* Free Consultation
* Pay Only for work performed


4 Stars:

Academy Credit

Academy Credit Repair has a 95% success rate with their clients for credit repair. Providing similar services to both Lexington Law and Ovation, their signature specialty is a "credit mentor" who is available for you to contact anytime while you are engaged in their services. They provide a free credit report analysis service prior to sign-up, and they are a member of the BBBOnline.

Academy's website is sleek, savvy, and easy to navigate. Enrollment for their services is offered with a secure sign-in page, and the resources page has information for comparing credit card offers, obtaining your credit reports, and tips about debt consolidation. Phone, mail, and e-mail contact information for specific requests is also provided online. Academy provides clear information throughout their site regarding your consumer right to view your credit report, and your right to challenge any of the items posted on your credit report. While this is certainly something you can do for yourself, Academy guarantees fast, aggressive service on your behalf to remove negative or even misleading items on your credit report.

Academy Credit provides similar services to other business, but at a slightly higher cost. It also seems that you get what you pay for; the more you pay, the more you get. Educating consumers about their credit score, report, and rights seems to be their greatest strength, but they also provide the services to improve it.


3 Stars:

Sky Blue Credit Repair

Sky Blue Credit Repair: Our third choice among Credit Repair Companies

Sky Blue Credit Repair has our vote for the best credit repair program available. It is our opinion that they have taken the business to a whole new level. This is far more than just a dispute factory. Sky Blue focuses on making sure you are left with truly usable credit credit that meets prospective lender guidelines so you can really benefit in a tangible way.

We especially appreciate the Sky Blue Credit Repair focus on personalized customer service. The one-on-one attention is part of a comprehensive approach that makes them so attractive. They include unlimited credit bureau disputes, debt validations, credit score consultation, guidance with building new credit, and even assist with rehabilitation of student loans if needed.

We also really like the fact that Sky Blue Credit Repair only charges a single low monthly fee without requiring any upgrades. One price covers everything needed to clean up and restore your credit. They also offer a great 50% discount for spouses if you sign up together.

Sky Blue Highlights:
  • Credit repair services offered since 1989

  • A focus on the highest ethical standards

  • One-on-one customer service

  • A unique approach designed to build truly usable credit

  • $99 setup fee followed by $49 per month half price for spouse

  • All inclusive - No confusing program options or costly upgrades needed

Check them out at Sky Blue Credit Repair. We think you will be impressed too!

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