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"Debt Consolidation Loan Review"

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For most people debt consolidation is a bad idea! Most people get a debt consolidation loan and then spiral into an increasing debt burden.

Don’t be one of them.  If you must get a debt consolidation loan choose a reputable company and get your spending habits under control.

These are my top three picks for Debt Consolidation companies.

Choose Wisely

Samantha Jones

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5 Stars:

Lion Saves

Most homeowners don't realize how much they can save by consolidating debt into a new mortgage. However, they don't want to give out their contact info online and be spammed/called to death.

So, why not have a debt consolidation calculator that would analyze the homeowner's situation and give accurate answers. It would give personalized options, yet let them remain anonymous. An online tool that would give real numbers, not misleading or "teaser" rates. It would help some people learn they could save, and others that they're better off to do nothing. It would let people decide at their own pace, not sell their information off to have five lenders call. LionSaves is the first website of its kind.


4 Stars:

Find Low Rates

By filling out a simple form Find Low Rates will search for the best four matches for your individual circumstances.

They also provide quotes for personal loans, remortgages, credit cards and other forms of borrowing.

A relatively personal service from an online broker


3 Stars:

Elite Debt Cleaner

Elite Debt Cleaner does more than just look for debt consolidation loans – they look at all your circumstances and recommend the best programme.

They are one of the nation's top debt help companies based on years in business, clients served and overall customer satisfaction.

The FREE service helps you to:

* Find the best solution for your own particular needs
* Reduce or totally eliminate your debt
* Save time
* Reduce or stop collection calls

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