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For most people debt consolidation is a bad idea! Most people get a debt consolidation loan and then spiral into an increasing debt burden.

Don’t be one of them. If you must get a debt consolidation loan choose a reputable company and get your spending habits under control.

These are my top three picks for Debt Consolidation companies.

Choose Wisely

Samantha Jones

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5 Stars:

Of course you must consider a suitable interest rate when taking a loan. The typical rate is 13.4%APR variable! rates start from just 8.1%APR variable, (Highest rate of 19.9% APR) so you can see why they have an excellent reputation for providing affordable finance with low monthly repayments. Offer up to Five Months Repayment Holiday.

Some’s loans offer Repayment Protection Cover with a 100% premium cashback. If you have kept up your repayments and not made a claim on your policy, you get your whole premium back at the end of the term of
the cover. can fix their rates for you for up to Five Years. Their Typical rate is 13.4% variable. can discuss Loan Repayment Protection opportunities with you.

Most borrowers find that they are able to pay their loan off early, are happy to let you do so!

On some loans, over payments can lower your interest rate. welcome this.

Though there is a charge for early settlement, encourage you to do so as this lowers your interest overall. tailor the best plan from their vast range of lenders to suit your needs.

All customers are different. So are their lenders! By knowing which of their many lenders are more likely to accept your application, their team can tailor your application and match to the right lender, in a style they prefer to work with and make it so much easier for them to say ‘YES’ to you! hand deliver all their paperwork to the local sorting office, twice a day, where it is then sent by Royal Mail Special Delivery- Everything is guaranteed Next Day and you get your finance Faster!

Which other Loans Provider will do this for you?

The staff at make the difference to their service, they actually are friendly and helpful due to the way that they are looked after and so they are happy to look after you!’s approach to being helpful means that you will have a single person dealing with your loan and no diverting to various departments! know that you never know when you may need finance, so they are open – always. 24/7, 365 days a year! What’s more, they don’t employ machines to answer calls, give them a call and speak to someone (Yes, a person) who wants to help you!

Because of their great relationships with such a large number of providers, always secure the best rates possible for you. understand what’s important, in such a competitive industry.

Just to put you at ease, a loan borrowed through doesn’t cost a penny more than if it were borrowed directly. go out of their way to get the best deal for you!


4 Stars:

Personal Loan Shop

Personal Loan Specialists

Personal Loan Shop are personal loan specialists and every month, thousands of people complete our simple, online personal loan application form to successfully gain access to our market leading range of financial products. Apply now by clicking on the button to the right for a same day decision!

What do you need your loan for?

Maybe you need to consolidate some outstanding debts, maybe you need a new car, a holiday, planning to get married, budgeting for a growing family or planning a new business? Whatever your reasons are for making your application, Personal Loan Shop are ready to help. All you have to do is complete our short application form and we will take care of the rest. What are you waiting for? Apply today!
How Personal Loans Work

Before you apply for a personal loan, here is some information you may find useful:

The interest rates on a personal loan vary depending on whether you decide to apply for a secured personal loan or an unsecured personal loan. Other factors, such as your credit rating, your personal circumstances, and the lender that you apply with will also affect the interest rates you pay.

The amount you will be able to obtain will also depend on a number of factors. Issues such as your credit rating and credit history, your income, your expenditure and whether or not the loan is secured will be the main factors. The level of equity in your home will also be a factor. You can work this out by subtracting the balance of any outstanding mortgage or other secured loans from the market value of the property.

The repayment periods of personal loans should also be considered. Repayment periods vary, but you will find that a secured personal loan offers significantly longer repayment periods than an unsecured personal loan.


3 Stars:

Fresh Finance

· You Will Not Be Charged For An Enquiry.
· You Are Under No Obligation Whatsoever.
· All your details will be kept strictly confidential.

Thier Debt Management plan enables you to write just one affordable cheque per month. Once they have received your payment, they request that your creditors reduce or freeze their interest charges ofter meaning a new lower monthly payment. If your interest charges are frozen, the money they pay to your creditors with is taken off your debt rather than being used to pay any interest charges.

Your credit rating is likely to have been already affected if you are currently in debt. However, by joining a debt management programme they ensure a regular monthly payment is made to each of your creditors. A Debt Management program will not show on your credit file

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