Making a decision to become physically fit is perhaps one of the most important decisions you will ever make. It takes hard work and dedication. However a great program that outlines a regiment for obtaining physical fitness can make your goals much easier to accomplish. You need a solid plan.

There are many programs available, and that makes choosing a plan to follow very difficult. The purpose of this website is to review 3 of the top selling fitness guides and report our findings back to you, so that you will find it easy to select the right plan for your objectives.

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Truth About Six Pack Abs Website

This book is written by Mike Geary who is a certified personal trainer and nutrition expert. This guide is the best selling online book on the subject of obtaining a flat stomach and six pack abs.

This program is not about sit-ups and stomach crunches as you might be thinking. This is about total body training while target training the abs. The main part of the book demonstrates 20 abdominal exercises.

Each exercise is fully explained with step by step photos. Most of these exercises can be performed at home without the need for a visit to the gym. This program is designed for folks that do not have the time to workout every day. Give this a workout of 30 to 45 minutes, 2 to 3 days a week, and you will start to see some quick results to your mid-section.

If you want rock hard abs, this guide will show you how to get them. If you are a female just wanting to flatten that tummy, then there is something here for you also. There is also an option to include Mike's nutrition plan with the book and we found that to be extremely informative and useful.

For an effective program that doesn't require the every day effort that you might expect, check out Mike Geary's The Truth About 6 Pack Abs.

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Turbulence Training Website

This guide is written by certified strength and conditioning specialist Craig Ballantyne. He is an accomplished author who's work has appeared in magazines such as Fitness Hers, Men's Health, Men's Fitness and  many others. We have the utmost confidence that the advice contained in this guide is informed and valid.

Turbulence training is also known as interval training. This type of training has been used by fitness experts throughout the world. The normal line of thinking within the fitness industry has been that it is difficult to lose fat, and gain muscle at the same time. Craig has shattered those notions by designing a workout that is short, but high on intensity and impact.

He suggests three short (30 to 60 minutes) workouts a week for maximum results. The workout requires no gym equipment because all that is used is a person's own body weight during the routines. He has designed the workout based on scientific research that produces maximum efficiency in a very short period of time.

The goal of the program is to burn fat while building muscle. We find that this is an exceptional workout designed by a top fitness professional. If you are ready to get into shape, and don't have a lot of hours in your day to do it, then this is the fitness program for you.

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Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle Website

This publication is as much of an education in nutrition as it is a fitness guide. The author Tom Venuto is a successful fitness coach, nutrition expert, health club manager and body builder.

Tom has had articles published in magazines such

as Ironman Magazine, Natural Bodybuilding and others. He has invested 14 years of his life researching and testing the fat loss and muscle building techniques discussed in his book.

The book is as much an education in nutrition as it is a fitness program. Tom explains which types of foods are effective for fat loss and will compliment your exercise routine. His philosophy is to use the diet to boost your metabolism and therefore speed up your muscle building process.

The strategies are easy to implement and appear to work for those that use them. We are featuring this product on this site because of the very favorable word of mouth behind it. People are telling their friends about it and that is why it is a top seller.

The downside of this fat loss program is that it is a 337 page book. However, It is written in such a way that it is easy to skim if you are pressed for time. If you are looking for a very thorough discussion and education on the subject of getting fit and losing fat, then this may be just the book for you.

We rate this one a three out of 5 stars only because the material is a bit lengthy. A condensed version would be a real plus for those of us that don't necessarily want to spend the time to cover 300+ pages.

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