Some guys make it look so easy. What's the deal?

There he goes again... out on the dance floor with not one, but TWO ladies. The guy makes you sick doesn't he? We all know at least a couple of these types of guys. They just seem to have the magic formula don't they?

The guy has women approaching him even when he doesn't really want them to. What is it he is doing? Does he know something you don't? He might, but it is likely because of things he is doing that he isn't even aware of.

I can assure you that a magic formula does in fact exist. It's a certain way of doing things... a certain way of presenting yourself.  That is what makes the difference between sitting alone all night or going home with the girl of your choice.

Can this formula be taught? Can you learn it and use it to become the envy of your buddies night after night? My personal experience says of course it can be taught. I use to be the guy that had a hell of a time trying to score with the ladies. I changed that around, and you can too.

There are two books that did it for me. After studying these methods and ideas, it has never been the same. No more bottom feeding for this guy. Get back in the saddle and check these guides out for some great tips and techniques for kick starting your dating life!

Stephanie Harrington

Guy Gets Girl Website

The first product I will review is a book by Tiffany Taylor. I somehow suspect that is a pen name, but it works for me.

I am really into this book because it gives terrific insight from a female. If you are looking to score with women, then you need to know what they really want. Who better to tell you what women want, then another woman?

That just plain makes sense...

There are many dating guides available and most of them have the same thing in common... they do not work! It is difficult to find genuine tips on dating that work in the real world. “Guy Gets Girl” is different though. This book outlines the problems involved with hooking up with women, and tackles each one head on.

Look, anybody that is rich and has Hollywood looks can hook up easily. But this book is for the rest of us. I am not saying I am ugly, but nobody ever confused me with Brad Pitt either. This book taught me how to tap into my outward chemistry towards the ladies.

This book isn't about ridiculous pickup lines, and juvenile "tricks". This book is about putting you in the drivers seat by teaching you psychological triggers that will have you appearing as the exact thing that the ladies want. It really isn't as hard as you may have already convinced yourself it is.

Here is your chance to hear it straight from a woman that is willing to tell exactly what they are looking for, and what it will take from you to give it to them. Check it out...

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My Rating 5/5

The Art of Approaching Women Website

This one is written by Joseph Mathews. He has hit the nail on the head. I found this book to be a perfect compliment to the book reviewed above.

This guy has an amazing understanding of the female psyche. This is sort of like dating advice on steroids. After reading this book, you will never see approaching a woman in the same way again.

Joseph breaks down the preparation and the delivery of approaching women. Did you know that you have about a three second window in which to make that first impression? Blow that first three seconds and you are going home alone.

Of course he not only prepares you for that initial approach, but also hones your delivery to that of a smooth talking Don Juan. They will never see you coming, but they will damn sure know you have arrived! The book is entitled "The Art of Approaching" because the author shows you how approaching a woman genuinely is an art form.

This book comes with a bonus that shows you why the boyfriend is not the real obstacle. How many times have you been turned down because "she" has a boyfriend? This book will show you why most of the time she is blowing smoke and there is no boyfriend at all. It will also show you how to determine that her boyfriend (if she really has one) really doesn't matter all that much. This information alone blew me away. Now I sometimes find myself hoping they tell me they have a boyfriend just for the fun of overcoming that challenge.

You really can't go wrong with this book. I know it has made a great difference in the way I approach women, and because of that my life is a whole more enjoyable these days. Click the link below to get the full story.

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My Rating 5/5

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