There has been a great deal of interest in the HHO alternative fuel concept as of late. This is no surprise with the outrageous price of gas these days. With oil prices increasing almost daily, it really seems that there is no relief in sight for the consumers.

On this review page we will share our experience with three of the top selling guides for converting your vehicle to this alternative fuel method. The HHO concept is valid and many people have had immediate results with the conversion. The ease of the conversion however, depends on which guide you use while making that conversion.

The reviews on this site will help you get started off on the right foot.


Water 4 Gas Website

Water 4 Gas is the top selling installation guide for the HHO conversion. It is really more of an installation manual than a guide. The owner claims to have almost 13,000 people using his manual to complete their conversions.

The author is a man named Ozzie Freedom, and yes, that is his real name. he personally doubled his MPG in his personal auto, and has now went on to teach others his conversion process. He has been a long term environmentalist and has always a had special interest in hybrid vehicles.

We found that this guide presented more informational detail than any other guide we have reviewed, and we have reviewed most of them.

The installation instructions are full of diagrams and pictures along each step. This makes for a very easy to follow installation process. The package contains two books. One of them explains the technology behind the HHO concept and then lays out the instructions for the actual installation. The second books contains several tips that you can initiate to increase your gas mileage even further.

Also discussed are the possible tax savings that you may qualify for if you make this conversion. The IRS documentation is provided to you as a free bonus. The tax savings alone have the potential to pay for the purchase of this guide and your conversion. The guide also contains all the technical knowledge that you could possible want. It is a very in depth presentation of the HHO concept and conversion.

You will need about $150 in parts and an afternoon to complete the conversion. In our opinion this is the holy grail of HHO alternative fuel installation guides. The small investment of your time and money should pay you dividends of savings for a very long time. This guide is also among the most expensive, but if you are looking for the all around knowldge of HHO conversions and installations, this is the book to own.

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Run Your Car on Water Website

This instruction guide is simple in it's presentation of the material. It does not contain the amount of detail that the Water 4 Gas guide does.

This is not necessarily a negative thing. If you are the type of person that doesn't necessarily care why this concept works, but is just interested in getting the conversion done, then this is the guide for you.

Each step of the conversion is broken down in very brief, simple steps without making the process look like an exercise in a science class.

The installation requires a shopping trip to your local hardware store where you will spend just under $150 for the needed parts. You will also need to allow about an afternoon for the install. The concise instructions will have you on the road in no time at all.

For a set of quick start instructions for the installation, and much less techno babble, pick up a copy of this guide. It is very easy to understand and the installation steps are laid out for you in language written for the non-scientific types out there. Priced at just under $50.
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Water Car Pro Website

This conversion guide was written by Oliver South with the help of an engineer. He also sought the assistance of two certified mechanics to conduct the testing of the conversion on his BMW.

The guide begins by giving you a brief overview of the HHO technology evolved. It then moves on to a complete parts list of everything you will need for the conversion. The guide then continues and gets right into the nuts and bolts of the installation.

You won't find any complicated, technical verbage in this guide, as it is written with the assumption that the readers are not holding a degree in science. The process is explained in detail, but does not get carried away with the technicalities most of us don't want or need to know. This was something that we

appreciated about this guide in particular. Straight and to the point.

The final section of the guide does discuss the possible tax benefits of installing a fuel alternative on your car, and we found this information to be very informative. The guide discussed possible tax savings of more than $1000 per vehicle depending on the particular car you drive.

If you want to increase your vehicle's mileage with an easy alternative fuel installation, then this guide will fit that need. As we did mention, this guide lacks some of the technical detail of the science behind the conversion, but that is not necessarily a bad thing for some of us.

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